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We provide 1-to-1 Solution-focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) for individuals who exhibit symptoms of common mental health problems. Through SFBT, we aim to empower service users to recognise their strengths and resources, and together, we explore appropriate coping strategies to overcome difficulties in life and achieve their goals. Service users and our mental health practitioners will formulate goals and care plans collaboratively. Individuals who may benefit more from other services will receive relevant signposting in the assessment.

The psychological support we offer may be suitable for you if you:

  • Exhibit symptoms of common mental health problems (e.g. depression and anxiety)
  • Want to achieve a particular goal / overcome a particular problem but lack the motivation or feel lost about where and how to start
  • Want to set goals and identify solutions to tackle problems in life
  • Still experience psychological distress when psychosocial needs are being supported or fulfilled


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Wellbeing Team provides short-term psychosocial support through one-to-one service. We aim to assist service-users in dealing with relationships, family and community networks, social values and cultural practices. Services provided include emotional support, accessing local services and welfare systems etc. in order to ease their psychological distress.

For those who need help in :

  • Family relationship
  • Parenting
  • Interpersonal relationship
  • Welfare / benefit
  • Physical health issue / ill health
  • Personal growth / adaptation

* Case assessor will contact the service user within 14 working days 
** To guarantee fairness of service users under limited resources, each service user can apply for the service once which last up to 2 months or 6-8 sessions. 


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Sign up for the service

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HKB does not charge for mental health support services and career coaching.

HKB and service providers are independent from each other, working relations are not based on financial gains.

Service providers are educated in mental health support, but this service is not equivalent to mental health treatment recognised and provided by the UK healthcare framework. ​

Therefore, depending on your needs and security, the information you leave may be referred to other accredited service providers.

The purpose of providing this service is to help you learn to face emotions, self-help and self-love through friendly, relaxed interaction and care. The professional advice given by the mental wellbeing support staff during the service period is for reference only, so you have the absolute right to terminate the service under any suitable circumstances. If you do not understand, you can also ask the support staff to explain to you about the professional advice they mentioned.

By the time you submit this form, you acknowledge and understand the above statement and agree that mental health support staff will not be held legally responsible for your experience after service.