BNO Preferred Destinations Report

Where will Hongkongers stay in Britain?

Survey Report on Hong Kong BN(O) Arrivalsʼ Preferred Destinations

This report reveals the findings of an online survey, after one year of the National Security Law (NSL) has been imposed in Hong Kong, on where Hongkongers are staying or planning to stay upon their arrival in the UK, whether they intend to move after six months of arrival (if so where), if they have children and where they will need school places. This report list out the most popular options so far.

This survey is the first conducted by a UK-Hongkongers civil society showing UK-wide location preferences of Hongkongers moving to the UK, having collected response from a total of 720 participants. The findings aim to support, enhance and guide the work programme of the British government, by allowing more accurate/precise planning for local councils and resources to welcome Hongkongers arriving into the communities.

Where will hongkongers stay in britain report infographic
Distribution of Hong Kong BNOs among four nations in the first 6 months
Local Council sin the UK preferred by Hong Kong BNOs
Greater London Boroughs Preferred by Hong Kong BNOs for Settlement
Greater London Boroughs Preferred by Hong Kong BNOs for Settlement 2
Preferred by Hong Kong BNOs for Settlement
Moving Locations after 6 months
Preferred Local Councils for School Places

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Last Updated: 30-06-2021
The policy study is accurate as of the last update.