Study Report on Hong Kong Migrants Recently Arrived in the UK

The University of Liverpool conducted a nationwide online survey between November 2022 and December 2022 to examine the integration conditions of Hong Kong migrants who recently arrived in the UK. The survey addressed key questions regarding the demographic profile, geographical distribution, causes of migration, return intention, and current integration circumstances of Hong Kong migrants. 1,310 completed responses were received, representing approximately 1% of the BN(O) population. The results revealed that the Hong Kong community is primarily middle-aged, female-skewed, highly educated, and highly functional. Geographically, the Hong Kong communities were predominantly clustered in major urban regions such as London-Reading and Manchester-Warrington-Liverpool areas.

Political factors emerged as the most significant influence on individuals’ decision to leave Hong Kong. A significant majority of respondents (61.3%) had no intention of returning to Hong Kong permanently in the foreseeable future. Despite the respondents perceiving themselves as integrating above average and possessing moderately good language proficiency, 38.9% of the respondents were considered socially isolated. The survey suggested 15.0% and 10.9% of respondents were potentially suffering from anxiety and depression respectively. The findings of this survey provide empirical evidence to inform the UK government of integration strategies for the Hong Kong community. By understanding the unique challenges faced by these migrants, appropriate support and policies can be implemented to facilitate their integration and well-being in the UK.

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Last Updated: 23-07-2023
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