Hongkoners peaceful

UK Stands With Hong Kong

Britain lived up to her obligation and provided a haven for people from the former British colony Hong Kong. The world is now following through. But this is not the time to relax. Hong Kong is still in danger. There is still much work to do.​

Freedoms are being eroded in Hong Kong. Millions are under threat since the anti-ELAB campaign. Thousands have been prosecuted. More and more flee overseas to seek sanctuary. With the implementation of the National Security Law, these numbers will rise in the foreseeable future. 

Freedom is in Peril. Now is the time for the international community to stand up and help. 

With the recent announcement of the UK extending the rights to BNO holders and their families to live, stay, work and study in the UK, the International Lifeboat Campaign is also strengthening. There is hope in the darkest hour. 

Hong Kong is not a PLACE
but its PEOPLE.

​We aim to unite the people of Hong Kong in the UK, and build an alliance with the international HongKongers community. What makes Hong Kong unique are the sets of values and systems that are in line with the British ones, and the resilience of the HongKongers. Together we will stand and rebuild that special and historical linkage again in the UK.​