Work & Employment Survey Report

Challenges of Integrating a High Potential Workforce

Survey Report on Work and Employment for Recently Arrived Hongkongers in the UK

This is a report of an in-depth online survey of recently arrived Hongkongers in the UK on their skills and experience, current employment status, intention for employment and/or maintaining labour market mobility, sources of information about the UK labour market, perceived and actual employment prospect and obstacles in the UK, as well as policy recommendations. This survey is the first conducted by a UK-Hongkonger civil society focussing on the topic of work, career, employment and employability.

The findings aim to support, enhance and guide the work programme of the UK government at multiple levels (national, regional and local), as well as employers (including employment agencies, labour unions, chambers of commerce), civil society groups/actors supporting the integration of Hongkongers in the UK, to ensure better adaptation and integration of Hongkongers into the UK’s labour market.

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Employment for Recently Arrived Hongkongers in the UK


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Last Updated: 11-10-2021
The policy study is accurate as of the last update.