Briefing on Housing Situation for Hong Kong BN(O)s arriving in the UK

We would like to thank more than 20 media from Hong Kong, the UK, Japan, the US and other countries for attending our joint press conference on “Briefing on the Housing Situation of Hong Kong BN(O)s arriving in the UK” and asking questions. For more inquries, please email to the organisers (including us).

This online press conference presented a joint briefing by Hongkongers in Britain (HKB), Hackney Chinese Community Services (HCCS) and Hong Kong Assistance and Resettlement Community (HKARC). It will also unveil the findings of a public consultation led by HKB, conducted in late March, on the housing needs and the situation of Hong Kong BN(O)s arriving in the UK. This briefing is the first piece of civil society publication in response to the new national welcome scheme for Hongkongers announced by the British Government in early April. It also highlights the joint collaborative effort between the three civil society groups, that have been invited to be part of the “Welcoming Committee for Hongkongers”.

The briefing highlights that finding accommodation is the top area of concern/difficulty for Hong Kong BN(O) new arrivals in the UK, and lists some of the most popular accommodations so far for them. It also outlines the deciding/driving factors for new arrivals searching for accommodation, and reflects the immediate issues around finding accommodation, along with recommendations for the government. The briefing provides direct information and insights, collected from the Hong Kong public, and aims to support, enhance and guide the work programme of the committee and the British Government.

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Last Updated: 26-04-2021
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