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The UK Government has published a “To Whom It May Concern” letter in both English and Traditional Chinese. The letter aims to help BN(O)s who encounter problems with opening a bank account, obtaining housing, and accessing employment. It also aims to help businesses and organisations in the UK to better understand the status of those on the BN(O) route, their rights and entitlements in the UK. BN(O)s coming to the UK may wish to present this letter to landlords, employers etc. for reference.

Cantonese and English version:

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Please click the link below to see the English/ Chinese bilingual official guide for adults and dependants who have been granted leave on the new British National (Overseas) visa to access public services and make the most of the opportunities in the UK.

If you would like to let us refer professional services, please fill the form below:

Hongkongers in Britain team has prepared a checklist for you to follow. Below is the download link.

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Booklet: Life in the UK Guide Poster