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Hongkongers in Britain x Thrive LDN

London Home-visit Service

Project REACH (Regular Engagement, Assistance and Compassionate Home-visits) is a service established by Hongkongers In Britain in collaboration with and funded by Thrive LDN. 

We provide home-visit service to London-based Hongkongers with disabilities, long-term conditions and those who are socially isolated. We are also here to support families and carers who may feel burnout and isolated due to prolonged caring responsibilities. 

Recognising the potential reluctance to socialise, home visits allow us to reach out to you in the comfort of your home. The visits can provide companionship and assist you in managing difficult day-to-day tasks, which hopefully eases both the physical demands and the psychological pressure you may be facing.

We hope to empower you to make positive changes to your current circumstances and promote your independence to get involved in your local community.

Hongkongers in Britain x Thrive LDN

London Home-visit Service

Project REACH service info

Inclusion Criteria:

  1. Hong Kong migrants aged 30 or above (capable of communicating in Cantonese and/or English)
  2. Lives in Greater London
  3. Lack of or experiencing difficulties in accessing social support 

How to apply:

  1. Fill in the online application form below 
  2. Or, referral by other organisations and services 

Fee: The service is free of charge

Once we receive your application, you will go through the application process below:

  1. One of our workers will contact you to conduct an assessment via video call.
  2. After the assessment, you will be notified of the result, whether accepted by our service or not.
  3. If you are accepted to our service, you will enter the queuing procedure where we prioritise our service users according to their needs and circumstances.

Before the service begins:

  1. You will be given a service user’s agreement, and by signing this you will agree to our terms and conditions, such as agreeing to be in contact with our workers through phone and video calls and agreeing to accept our home visit service.
  2. We will allocate one of our volunteers to support you and arrange a start date for the home visit according to your needs and circumstances.

Volunteers’ Service Scope:

The service lasts for 10 weeks; volunteers will provide services such as wellbeing check-in calls and at most 6 home visits.

Home visits may consist of the following:

  1. Assist in engaging in the community for a maximum of 3 hours (e.g. shopping, attending medical appointments, visiting the pharmacy, participating in outdoor activities, etc.)
  2. Provide personal assistance for a maximum of 2 hours (e.g. literacy and numeracy support, support in using computers or other electronic devices, simple household chores, etc.)

Completion of the service:

  1. The service ends when all 6 home visits for our service users have been delivered. 
  2. Our workers will be in contact for a post-service assessment, in the hope of understanding your progress and receiving your valuable feedback.

Terminating the service:

  1. Service users may choose to opt out or terminate the service at any time if they think the service is no longer suitable for them.
  2. Service users must request the termination directly from HKB Project REACH. Once the request has been submitted, we will be in contact to understand more about your request (please note all formal contacts will be recorded for quality assurance)

For further information and enquiries, please contact