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Unlocking potential: Meeting the educational needs of Hongkongers in Britain

This is the report of a study on the educational needs of Hongkongers in the UK.  The study covers the needs of school children and young adults who have moved to Britain from Hong Kong since 2020.

This is the first UK-wide survey conducted by a UK-Hongkonger civil society organisation that focuses on the topic of educational needs amongst Hong Kong arrivals in the UK.​

This report and its findings aim to advise the UK, regional and local governments, education institutions, service providers, and other non-governmental organisations on devising more inclusive policies or delivering more inclusive services.

About Initiative SAFE

In October 2020, HKB launched Initiative SAFE – a programme to conduct a series of four studies promoting inclusive public policy for Hongkongers settling in the UK.   SAFE stands for the four topics to be studied – 1.) Community Security, 2.) Assistance to Vulnerable Groups, 3.) Full Integration and 4.) Educational Needs.   The study on educational needs is the first of the series.

Main Contributors

  • Wing-sun Chan (Ph.D.)
    Research Lead of Initiative SAFE, HKB
  • Victor Ng (Ph.D.)
    Researcher of Initiative SAFE, HKB
  • Cheryl Ng
    Data analyst of Initiative SAFE, HKB

Project Supervision

  • Julian Chan
    Co-founder and Director, HKB
  • Jason Chao
    Director, HKB

Infographic and Summary

Education Needs infographic and summary

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Full Report

Last Updated: 10-02-2023
The policy study is accurate as of the last update.