SAFE: Community Security Report

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Community Safety and Security

Exploring the Needs of Community Safety and Security amongst UK Hongkongers

This is the report of a study on the community safety and security of Hongkongers in the UK.  This study covers the perceived and actual safety and security issues facing UK Hongkongers; their challenges in dealing with these threats; and the threats’ impact on UK Hongkongers’ social participation, freedom of expression and international travel.  The findings aim to advise different levels of the UK government, UK Parliament and key stakeholders to be better prepared to address UK Hongkongers’ safety and security needs, ensuring policies are inclusive and sensitive to UK Hongkongers.

This report and its findings aim to advise the UK, regional and local governments, and other non-governmental organisations on devising more inclusive policies.

About Initiative SAFE

In October 2020, HKB launched Initiative SAFE – a programme to conduct a series of four studies promoting inclusive public policy for Hongkongers settling in the UK.   SAFE stands for the four topics to be studied – 1.) Community Security, 2.) Assistance to Vulnerable Groups, 3.) Full Integration and 4.) Educational Needs.   The study on educational needs is the first of the series.

Main Contributors

  • Wing-sun Chan (Ph.D.)
    Research Lead of Initiative SAFE, HKB
  • Victor Ng (Ph.D.)
    Researcher of Initiative SAFE, HKB
  • Cheryl Ng
    Data analyst of Initiative SAFE, HKB

Project Supervision

  • Julian Chan
    Co-founder and Director, HKB
  • Jason Chao
    Director, HKB


Last Updated: 17-08-2023
The policy study is accurate as of the last update.