London Pride 2023: Self-discovery through Mould, Cut and Paint!

Self-discovery through Mould, Cut and Paint

我們的身份認同,多少會受社會風氣所影響,而當自己所認同的身份不斷受社會定型否定時,難免會令人感到迷失。港僑協會心理健康小組與 Project LGBTQ+ 誠意邀請你參與是次活動,在安全又舒適的社交空間中擺脫社會定型的枷鎖,透過輕黏土製作岀代表自己的作品。我們亦鼓勵大家當日用色彩繽紛的打扮去慶祝屬於自己的彩虹驕傲!

Happy June and Pride Month! Finding self-acceptance can be difficult, especially when social conventions and stereotypes constantly challenge our sense of identity. The HKB mental health team and Project LGBTQ+ are here to provide everyone with a safe and relaxed space where you can go on a self-discovery journey by playing and experimenting with air dry clay; Mould, Cut and Paint. We will share ideas, learn techniques from others and connect with one another. This will be a fabulous opportunity to explore our identity and what self-acceptance can mean to us; perhaps discover a new hobby for yourself too! We welcome you to join us in wearing some colours to celebrate Pride on the day, and we cannot wait to see you all!

活動詳情 / Details :
日期 / Date : 24/6/2023 (星期六 / Saturday)
時間 / Time : 4:00pm – 7:00pm (英國時間 / UK Time)
地點 / Venue : The Keith Chapman Room, Katherine Low Settlement, 108 Battersea High St, Battersea, London, SW11 3HP
語言 / Language : 廣東話 / Cantonese
名額 / Capacity : 50
費用 / Cost : 免費 / Free
報名方法 / Registration :
查詢 / Enquiries : Nicole Hui 心理健康小組主任 / Mental Health Coordinator
Lucas Yue Project LGBTQ+ 外展主任 / Project LGBTQ+ Outreach Coordinator
Disclaimer: Personal data collected will be used for this activity or case-related purpose only. For detailed information, please refer to our privacy policy.

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