HKB Welcomes the UK Government’s Decision to enable Hongkongers aged 18+ with at least one BN(O) parent to apply for the BN(O) visa independently

HKB would like to extend our gratitude to the UK government for taking concrete action today, in response to the voices and concerns of younger Hongkongers who have until now been unable to access the BN(O) visa route.  

This is an impactful decision which will not only act to bolster the UK’s BN(O) humanitarian lifeboat scheme, but shall also reduce the pressure on the UK’s asylum system, alleviate the difficult conditions that younger Hongkongers have faced when coming to the UK, and provide more certainty for them. 

Today’s decision demonstrates the UK’s commitment to the protection of Hongkongers, especially for this younger cohort who have made the most significant sacrifices to defend freedom and democracy.  HKB appreciates the UK government extending its support to young Hongkongers in their darkest moment, by providing this route, and allowing them to come for hope.

To find out more about HKB’s work and support for non-BN(O)s, please see our brand new 2-year Project HAVEN: 


英國港僑協會 歡迎 英國政府 決定 讓18歲以上的香港人於至少有一位父母持有BN(O)簽證的條件下獨立申請BN(O)簽證 

英國港僑協會 感謝 英國政府 今天採取具體行動,以回應一班無法獲得 BN(O) 簽證的年輕香港人,他們的呼聲和關注。

這是一個具影響力的決定,不僅有助於支持英國的 BN(O) 人道主義救生艇計劃,還能夠減輕英國庇護制度的壓力,緩解年輕香港人來英國時面臨的困難,為他們提供更安穩的生活。

今天的決定表明了英國對保護香港人的承諾,特別是保護這些為捍衛自由和民主做出最大犧牲的年輕人。 英國港僑協會 感謝 英國政府 在香港青年最黑暗的時刻提供這條路徑,讓他們帶著希望而來,繼續前行。

如需了解更多 HKB 對非 BN(O) 港人的支援工作,請參閱我們全新為期兩年的​「避風港計劃」 (Project HAVEN):