Preparing for Life in the UK Test @Durham

大部分持 BNO 簽證的港人需要通過 Life in UK Test 才能獲得永久居留權。之前的 Life in the UK Test 網上分享會反應熱烈,英國港僑協會將再度舉辦,希望幫助更多香港人掌握考試過程、考試內容、應試貼士。分享會後將設有問答環節解答大家的問題。

For most BNO visa holders, they will need to fulfil the requirement of passing the Life in UK Test in order to obtain Indefinite Leave to Remain. Due to overwhelming response for our previous webinars, Hongkongers in Britain is hosting another webinar on Preparing for Life in the UK Test. We hope to help you understand more about the process and the exam scope. A Q&A session will follow to answer any questions you might have.

活動詳情/Details :
日期/Date : 26/10/2023 (星期四 / Thursday)
時間/Time : 7:00pm – 8:30pm (英國時間 / UK Time)
地點 / Venue :Framwellgate Moor Community Centre, Framwellgate Moor ,DURHAM, DH1 5BL, Durham
講者 / Speaker : Sara
莎莉,一名普通香港家庭主婦,透過 BNO 簽證計劃來到英國定居。她之前通過了 Life in the UK Test,希望與大家分享她的應試心得。
Sara is a typical Hong Kong housewife who moved to the UK under the BN(O) visa scheme. She has passed the Life in the UK Test and would love to share her experience and tips.
語言/Language : 廣東話 / Cantonese
報名方法/Registration :
名額/Capacity : 50
查詢/Enquiries : Adrian Leung 地區外展主任 ( 英格蘭東北部 ) / Regional Outreach Coordinator (North East England)
Disclaimer: Personal data collected will be used for this activity or case-related purpose only. For detailed information please refer to our privacy policy. The views of the guest speaker do not necessarily represent the views of HKB.

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