‘That’s My Voice’ Singing Course

你對自己聲音嘅潛能有幾了解呢?鍾意唱歌,但又唔知從何入手提升自己唱歌能力?Theatre Hikari London 光之劇場 (倫敦) 為大家帶黎以粤語教授嘅聲樂訓練課程,透過遊戲同訓練引導參加者探索自己嘅聲音,並且建立對英語同粤語原創音樂劇作品嘅欣賞能力,重新發現歌曲裡英語同粤語嘅獨特優點。八星期專業嘅聲樂同聽力訓練後,學員將有機會喺課程尾聲合唱一曲表演。本課程適合初次接觸聲樂 / 偶有經驗 16 歲以上香港人。

Do you know what potential you own voice has? Do you love singing but don’t know where to start? Or you’ve already started singing but have no idea how to improve? You would not want to miss out on the professional vocal training course delivered by Theatre Hikari London! Through vocal games and exercises, participants can explore their own voices and develop an aesthetic appreciation for original musical theatre pieces in English and Cantonese. You’ll rediscover the unique strengths of both languages in songs. With professional vocal and aural training, participants will have an opportunity to perform a piece together in English and/or Cantonese by the end of the course. This course is suitable for Hongkoners aged 16 above who are beginners or have had limited training in singing.

活動詳情 / Details :

活動詳情 / Details :
日期 / Date : 總共8堂,每次1.5小時
Total 8 lessons, each lasts 2 hour.
21/10/2023 , 28/10/2023, 4/11/2023, 11/11/2023,
18/11/2023, 25/11/2023, 2/12/2023, 9/12/2023 (星期六 / Saturday)
時間 / Time : 15:30-17:00
地點 / Venue :  G/F, 15 Risborough Street, London SE1 0HG, UK
語言 / Language : 廣東話 / Cantonese 
名額 / Capacity : 15
費用 / Cost:每人 £80 / £80 per head
報名方法 / Registration : https://forms.gle/A5p3mTiZonLbeeD39
溫卓妍小姐 Ms. Jarita Wan
香港舞台劇獎提名藝術家,於香港創立Theatre Hikari光之劇場,為巴塞隆拿戲劇學校Actors Workshop Spain客席聲樂導師,現居倫敦,橫跨曲、詞、編、演、唱、教等領域。
Artist nominee of Hong Kong Drama Awards who co-founded Theatre Hikari in Hong Kong, advocating performing arts education for schools and charity organizations. She is also a guest tutor for Actors Workshop Spain, currently residing in London, now a freelance performative, creative and educative artist.

主辦組織/Organiser: Theatre Hikari 光之劇場
協辦組織/Co-organiser: Hongkongers in Britain & Good Neighbour Church England 英倫好鄰舍教會 & Blossom Community HK 大樹下合作社
查詢 / Enquiries : Wilber Lee 地區外展主任 ( 大倫敦 ) / Regional Outreach Coordinator (Greater London) wilber.lee@hongkongers.org.uk
Disclaimer: Personal data collected will be used for this activity or case-related purpose only. For detailed information please refer to our privacy policy. The views of the instructor do not necessarily represent the views of HKB.

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