Southampton Mid-Autumn Festival Gathering

修咸頓嘅朋友仔,未諗到中秋節有啲乜嘢做?唔想自己一個過?機會嚟喇!我哋同 City Life Church 以及 HKers in Soton CIC 為修咸頓嘅朋友準備咗中秋晚會,大家可以過嚟一齊同香港人聚下,享受一個熱鬧嘅中秋節。唔好猶豫,快啲報名啦!

Hongkongers in Soton, haven’t had plans for Mid-Autumn Festival? Don’t want to spend it alone? Here’s your chance! Hongkongers in Britain, along with City Life Church and HKers in Soton CIC, have prepared a Mid-Autumn Festival celebration just for you and friends in the area. Come gather with fellow Hongkongers and enjoy a wonderful Mid-Autumn Festival together. Sign up now and see you there!

活動詳情 / Details :
日期 / Date : 30/9/2023 (星期六 / Saturday)
時間 / Time : 5:00pm – 8:00pm (英國時間 / UK Time)
地點 / Venue : Shirley Parish Hall, Southampton SO15 5QF
名額 / Capacity:250
報名方法 / Registration : 填妥此報名表格。Please complete the registration form.

協辦機構 / Co-organisers : City Life Church, HKers in Soton CIC
查詢 / Enquiries : Isaac Cheng 地區外展主任 ( 英格蘭東南區 ) / Regional Outreach Coordinator (South East England)
Disclaimer: Personal data collected will be used for this activity or case-related purpose only. For detailed information please refer to our privacy policy.

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