Canoeing and paddle-boarding on Durham River

Canoeing and paddle-boarding on Durham River

Have you thought of canoeing or paddle-boarding on the iconic Durham River with the magnificent Durham Cathedral as your backdrop? Hongkongers in Britain have invited Adventure Access to provide coaching for canoeing and paddle-boarding on the Durham River. Adventure Access is a Community Interest Company that offers a variety of outdoor activities. This event is suitable for complete beginners and anyone above 10 years old.

你有冇諗過以壯麗嘅杜倫大教堂作為背景,喺具標誌性嘅杜倫河上划獨木舟或者玩直立板呢?英國港僑協會邀請咗 Adventure Access 喺杜倫河上提供獨木舟同直立板嘅指導。Adventure Access 係一間提供多種戶外活動嘅社會企業。今次活動適合新手同 10 歲以上嘅朋友參加。

活動詳情 / Details :
日期 / Date : 9/9/2023 (星期六 / Saturday)
時間 / Time : 2:30pm – 4:00pm (英國時間 / UK Time)
地點 / Venue : Durham River
語言 / Language : 廣東話 / Cantonese
報名方法 / Registration :
名額 / Capacity : 11
費用 / Fee : £12 (費用由 Adventure Access 收取 / Admission fee is collected by Adventure Access ) 
查詢 / Enquiries : Adrian Leung 地區外展主任 ( 英格蘭東北部 ) / Regional Outreach Coordinator (North East of England)

Disclaimer: Personal data collected will be used for this activity or case-related purpose only. For detailed information please refer to our privacy policy.

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