HKB expresses grave concerns about the CCP’s United Front Work targeting BN(O) and non-BN(O) Hongkongers

Hongkongers in Britain (HKB) has grave concerns about the CCP’s United Front work, which is targeting BN(O) Hongkongers and overseas Chinese people. It risks neutering our political asylum, and endangers democracy and freedom – just what BN(O) visa-holders came here to find.

We wish the UK ceremonial and political figures reach out to Hongkongers beyond some well-established Chinese groups which may be subtly ‘open’ to the Chinese regime, Hongkongers fleeing from the oppressive regime should not be hosted and represented by the regime’s sympathiser(s), that is not BN(O) visa meant to be.

We share that the democracy and freedom we stand for shall be respectful, tolerant and patient to the differences however, we hereby highlight that such value should be tightly upheld to stand against the intolerance of differences – which is the approach of totalitarian regimes also in China and Hong Kong.

The UK should wake up to the idea that to tolerate such intolerance would end up eradicating pluralism in the end. It can’t be clearer to be seen in Hong Kong as an undeniable reality, even an inconveniently harsh truth there to many people in the UK.

港僑會 深切憂慮 中國共產黨 針對 在英港人 所展開的統戰工作