HKB welcomes the decision to withdraw serving UK judges from the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal

Since the Hong Kong ‘National (State) Security Law’ has been imposed by Beijing in 2020, such ill-defined law criminalises critical thoughts of the state and government.

Such suppression and chilling effects come down to not only frontline activists, but all walks of life, it targets not people in Hong Kong, but all human beings around the world.

The threat of the Hong Kong National (State) Security law to UK-based groups and individuals is blatantly trampling on the UK’s judicial sovereignty and the integrity of the democratic and free system. It shows the expansionary nature of totalitarian autocracy, from economic to judicial means, to suppress dissent around the world, and in the U.K.. 

Hongkongers in Britain (HKB) welcomes the decision to withdraw serving UK judges from Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal, as such move gives Hong Kong judiciary no longer endorsement to such a corrupted and suppressive legal regime.

The rule of law with heritage of the common law system, claimed by the Hong Kong government as a bastion for civil liberty and business arbitration, would not be recognised internationally, as it has been de facto ended by the Hong Kong government.

港僑會 歡迎 英國 撤離 香港終審法院 的有關決定



英國港僑協會 (HKB) 歡迎英國拒絕在港終審法院的法官任命,如此英國將不再為已然腐敗及高壓的香港法律體制塗脂抹粉,虛掩修飾,國際司法界不再給予肯定及支持。