Condemnation over pretrial detention of the pro-democracy primaries candidates, politicians and activists in Hong Kong

It has been at least one year since the mass arrest of Hong Kong pro-democracy politicians, activists and protestors due to the ‘National Security Law’. Most of those are now still in custody for pending trials, which is deemed as unfair and unjust. 

Those who are in jail look just the same as their own fellow citizens who are not, but their own thoughts, echoing with many others, are now being labelled as crime and stigma so to suffer. When the authorities imprison their bodies, they also imprison the mind and choice of the majority of Hong Kong citizens who voted for them in the past decades. If such atrocity can be tolerated, it is a de-facto death knell of our humanity.

We urge the government of Hong Kong and China to release all political prisoners immediately without pre-condition, so that social justice can be restored in Hong Kong.

譴責 香港政府 審前拘押 香港民主派 候選人、政治家 及 抗爭者