Condemnation over using HKB’s materials by state or private actors with malign purposes.

HKB is a self-help group aiming to provide community support and speak out for underrepresented voices. It is our cherished value in democracy to confront challenging issues, shortfalls, honest but constructive criticisms, and respect diversity, in order to support each other with care, and act as a responsible civil society organisation that can freely carry out responsibilities in a democratic society – that is to safeguard the rights of citizens. That is the way we believe our community can grow, improve and never fall.

HKB does not and will not tolerate its publications and materials used or distorted by state or private actors with malign purposes. We condemn the use of biased, out of context quotes using HKB publications and materials for the purpose of mocking people who have decided to leave their homeland seeking freedom, safety and protection.