HKB has received reports of difficulties from some Hong Kong families in the UK. Some of these are grassroot families who work day and night to support their loved ones, yet their income is insufficient to afford paying the BN(O) visa and associated fees in one go. We sent a letter to the Home Office, suggesting them to exercise discretion to relax regulations after review on a case-by-case basis, such as introducing an instalment system to relieve the pressure of some families.

* HKB recommends the Home Office to exercise discretion to review on a case by case basis (means tested) and show compassion to some families in genuine need, considering BN(O) visa fees and associated costs to be paid in instalments without using any further social resources.

* The purpose of HKB is to unite Hongkongers in the UK, defend the rights and interests of Hongkongers such as British Nationals (Overseas) citizens, and help the disadvantaged in emergencies. This is a duty and what a charity and ex-pat group is righteously expected to achieve.