HKB Logo Simplified
  1. Emphasising BN(O) status, as British nationals and Commonwealth citizens, as a specific and legally recognised identity (rather than a travel document) to maintain the UK’s historical commitment toward freedom to Hong Kong people.
    彰顯英國國民(海外)公民作為英國國民及英聯邦公民的法定身分 (而不只是旅遊證件),以維持及認可英國對捍衛香港人民自由的歷史承諾。
  1. The BN(O) visa is a result of China breaching the Sino-British joint declaration and the significant sacrifices made by pro-democratic Hongkongers. It is not an economic migration but a life-boat scheme.
    為了回應 中國違反中英聯合聲明 及念及香港人投入民主抗爭的巨大犧牲, 英國國民(海外)簽證旨在保護民眾免受政治迫害,絕非經濟移民計劃。
  1. Inclusively safeguarding the rights of BN(O) citizens’ dependents and non-BN(O) Hongkongers in the UK.
    英國國民(海外)公民的受養家屬與所有在英港人應當被同樣重視,並且捍衛 他們的合法與正當權益。
  1. Respecting democracy and freedom not as political stances but are the universal values and common sense shared across the UK society.
  1. Transforming the perspective that Hong Kong is not only a place, but a diasporic people sharing and practicing common culture and values.
  1. Maintaining as a cross-partisan expat group providing practical support to Hongkongers in the UK.
  1. Facilitating settling and integration of Hongkongers, equality of opportunities, and enhancing socio-cultural connections between Hongkongers and the British society.