Project LGBTQ+ Board Game Gathering

Project LGBTQ+ 終於有第一個桌遊聚喇!除左大富翁同埋 Uno 以外,大家又識幾多 Board Game 呢?今次我哋會準備多種唔同類型嘅桌遊同大家分享,你總會揾到啱心水嘅遊戲!當然你都可以自備你想玩嘅桌遊,同大家一齊分享。到時亦會有小食同嘢飲提供。大家可以透過桌遊識下朋友,或者同朋友聚舊,都無任歡迎!

Project LGBTQ+ finally has its first Board Game Gathering! Apart from Monopoly and Uno, what other board games do you know? We will prepare various types of board games so rest assured that you will find ones you enjoy. Feel free to bring your own board games and share with others as well. Refreshments will also be provided. Come along to gather with old friends or make some new friends!

活動詳情 / Details :
日期 / Date : 25/11/2023 (星期六 / Saturday)
時間 / Time : 2:00pm – 4:30pm
語言 / Languages : 廣東話及英文 / Cantonese and English
名額 / Capacity : 15
費用 / Fee : 免費 / Free
地點 / Location : E2, London (由 Bethnal Green 站走 10 分鐘路程,詳細地址將於成功報名後發放 / 10 minute-walk from Bethnal Green station. Detailed address will be sent via email upon successful registration)
報名 / Registration :
合辦機構 / Co-organiser : Micro Rainbow
查詢 / Enquiries : Lucas Yue Project LGBTQ+ 外展主任 / Outreach and Partnerships Officer for Project LGBTQ+
Disclaimer: Personal data collected will be used for this activity or case-related purpose only. For detailed information please refer to our privacy policy.

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