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Asylum Support

Due to the rapid changes of the political situation in Hong Kong, this “life-saving manual” is particularly important. This handbook is specially designed for Hongkongers and contains the successful experience of claiming asylum in the UK. Please be sure to familiarise with the rules yourself after setting off.

Project Haven Main

Hongkongers in Britain (HKB) has launched a 2-year Project HAVEN, providing London and UK-wide support for primarily, but not exclusively, Hongkongers who are not protected by the BN(O) visa route. The project aims to:

  • Identify un(der)represented, vulnerable and disadvantaged Hongkongers arriving in London/UK who need help, and provide casework, signposting and wellbeing support;
  • Educate Hongkongers on UK’s asylum policy and their rights when/before they arrive in the UK, to avoid them becoming potentially undocumented migrants;
  • Develop a local support and advice network for this group of Hongkongers in collaboration with community groups and services.​

We recruited a Casework, Signposting and Wellbeing Support Officer, and an Outreach and Partnerships Officer to carry out Project HAVEN’s “WISER” services who is accessible on-site in our office, by phone and online:

1. Wellbeing, Information, Signposting, Enquiries/Casework Service:

  • Provide tailor-made, non-legal advice and casework assistance to service-users fleeing persecution and seeking protection in London/UK;
  • Provide service-users with accurate and reliable information; explore, discuss and evaluate options with them to facilitate their arrival; address their concerns and allow them to make informed decisions;
  • Signpost service-users in the right direction as they may require assistance on specialist and non-specialist advice related issues.

2. Referral Service:

  • Assist service-users to learn about and access other relevant and specific services or specialist/professional advice provisions, including but not limited to mental-health support professionals, faith and community support groups;
  • Refer asylum-seeking cases and service-users seeking immigration details to professional legal advice.

Project funded by: Trust for London

Project in collaboration with: Hackney Chinese Community Services


Casework, Signposting and Wellbeing Support Officer (for non-BN(O)s)

All inquiries about BN(O)s should be mailed to the casework team , In this way you will receive the most appropriate assistance and guidance.

Working Hours: 

Monday-Friday 10:00-17:00, occasionally on weekends (Please call in advance to check) 

Office location:

Hongkongers in Britain, 
Living Space, 1 Coral Street, Waterloo, London SE1 7BE 

(Please call before all visits, advanced appointments must be made)